Monthly Archives: November 2011

Olive Oil – Extra Virgin and Beyond

When buying olive oil I often wondered how there could be so many brands at such different prices.   If you go into Whole Foods the unit price cost per gallon can vary dramatically.  Trader Joe’s sells its ‘organic extra-virgin’ olive oil quite inexpensively.     In addition, one can see distinct color variations between oils in clear […]

Tell FDA and Obama No More Tricks: Label GE Foods!

We all have food sensitivities to some degree. If and when they manifest as overt symptoms is very space and time dependent. Genetically engineered foods will only increase the likelihood that people will become more sensitive to foods (the technical term is a loss of oral tolerance) as potential antigens from one food/chemical is spliced […]

Multi Vitamins and Minerals Do Us Good – Be Smart About It

In the last few weeks two awfully designed studies regarding vitamin supplementation created some negative headlines around choosing to supplement. One study published in JAMA wrongly concluded that “vitamin E” increases the risk the prostate cancer.  Problem was they weren’t using Vitamin E, just a portion of it.  The use of only 1 portion of […]