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Acupuncture For Sleep Issues

Sleep is not overrated! Sleep is how our body restores itself. Lack of sleep leads to inflammation and there is good data tying lack of sleep to many undesirable health consequences. There can be many reasons why someone is not sleeping well. The typical patterns I see when someone complains of a not sleeping well […]

Acupuncture Superior to Standard of Care for Chronic Pain – More than the placebo effect

A recent Archives of Internal Medicine systematic review article of acupuncture randomized control trials (RCTs) found that acupuncture was more effective than what customary care for chronic pain. The meta analysis examined 29 studies involving almost 18,000 adults. The researchers concluded that acupuncture was more effective than customary medical treatments and slightly better than ‘sham’ […]

Important GMO Documentary Free until Sept 22nd

Besides acupuncture one of the big components of my practice is food hypersensitivities which can cause a myriad of symptoms that then drive up our health care costs because doctors are treating the symptoms with medication rather than the identifying the cause. Food hypersensitivities are caused by immune system dysregulation where there is an inappropriate […]

USDA Organic Label – Not Necessarily High Quality

There was an insightful interview on NPR’s “Here and Now” regarding the corruption within the USDA organic standards.   Before the government took over labeling of the organic standards there was no big business involved.  It was only small farmers who held the spirit of the organic food movement.  Some states had their own labeling.   But […]

C-Section Delivery Increases Risks of Childhood Obesity

My wife, Joy, and I work with many prenatal women. We certainly honor the birthing choices our clients would like however we also try to educate regarding options. Many people. including us feel the C-Section rate (over 33% in the Boston area) is a bit out of control. C-Sections are absolutely necessary. C-sections have saved […]