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Low Vitamin D During Pregnancy Can Lead to Language Development Issues

(From HealthDay News) — Pregnant women with low levels of vitamin D may be putting their children at risk for language difficulties, Australian researchers report. Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy may relieve the problem, they suggest. “Adequate vitamin D levels among pregnant women may be important for the optimal development of their baby,” said […]

3 Healthy Chocolate Recipes For Valentine Day

Recipe #1  Black Bean Chocolate Chili Cherry Cookies There is a great food blog that our neighbor suggested to us after she brought over these chocolate chili cherry black bean cookies (or some permutation on the name). They were wow, delicious!, and packed some punch and good nutrition at the same time. Sounds kind of […]

avocado choc mousse

Chocolate Decadence

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us it is a good time to bring up chocolate and the moral consequences that goes along with purchasing the majority of chocolate we find on the shelves. Certainly chocolate has a plethora of benefits as can easily be found in research studies. These are often because of the powerful […]

The Effects of Processed Foods

Yesterday I watched a phenomenal webinar on the effects of food chemicals and child behavior. It was entitled “Driven to Distraction: Food, chemicals and child behavior” and hosted by an organization that is worth knowing, Healthy Food Action. The webinar was recorded and they promise to have it up soon, once they do I’ll post […]

Olive Oil – Extra Virgin and Beyond

When buying olive oil I often wondered how there could be so many brands at such different prices.   If you go into Whole Foods the unit price cost per gallon can vary dramatically.  Trader Joe’s sells its ‘organic extra-virgin’ olive oil quite inexpensively.     In addition, one can see distinct color variations between oils in clear […]

Tell FDA and Obama No More Tricks: Label GE Foods!

We all have food sensitivities to some degree. If and when they manifest as overt symptoms is very space and time dependent. Genetically engineered foods will only increase the likelihood that people will become more sensitive to foods (the technical term is a loss of oral tolerance) as potential antigens from one food/chemical is spliced […]

Multi Vitamins and Minerals Do Us Good – Be Smart About It

In the last few weeks two awfully designed studies regarding vitamin supplementation created some negative headlines around choosing to supplement. One study published in JAMA wrongly concluded that “vitamin E” increases the risk the prostate cancer.  Problem was they weren’t using Vitamin E, just a portion of it.  The use of only 1 portion of […]

“Natural” Breakfast Cereals Are Not So Natural…Kashi, Barbara’s Oats

It has been known that cereals that contain oats, soy, corn are most likely contaminated with pesticides and/or genetically modified if they do not have the USDA Organic label. I typically do not recommend cereals with a lot of grains such as Kashi because of the potential food sensitivity issues.  So many grains eaten at […]