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This is recently published research articles taken verbatim from an abstract or other sites.

Acupuncture Proven Effective for Breast Cancer Related Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Using traditional acupuncture for breast cancer-related hot flashes and night sweats. de Valois BA, Young TE, Robinson N, McCourt C, Maher EJ. Supportive Oncology Research Team (SORT), Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre (LJMC), Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex, United Kingdom. Abstract OBJECTIVES: Women taking tamoxifen experience hot flashes and night sweats (HF&NS); acupuncture may offer a […]

Acupuncture reduces crying in infants with infantile colic: a randomised, controlled, blind clinical study.

Acupuncture reduces crying in infants with infantile colic: a randomised, controlled, blind clinical study. Landgren K, Kvorning N, Hallström I. 1Department of Health Science, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether acupuncture reduces the duration and intensity of crying in infants with colic. Patients and methods 90 otherwise healthy infants, 2-8 weeks old, […]

DHA Importance During Breast Feeding

For many years I’ve strongly recommended to my perinatal patients that they take a high dose DHA fish oil supplement. DHA is docosahexaenoic acid found in fatty fish which is one of the beneficial longer chain fatty acids we get from fish – the other being EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). I’m not sure where I first […]

Watercress – A Powerful Chemopreventive

It is widely knows that the phytonutrient known as isothiocyanates have powerful anti-cancer effects.   Isothiocyanate are found in mustard, horseradish, and onions to name a few.  It is what gives the herb its powerful biting taste.    However another anti-cancer phytonutrient that doesn’t get as much attention is phenethyl ITC (PEITC).  Watercress contains high amounts […]

Another Study Showing Benefits of Probiotics During Pregnancy

From British Journal of Dermatology Background: Previous reports have suggested that certain probiotics given to mothers and children at risk of atopy halves the incidence of atopic dermatitis (AD) at two years of age. Objectives: The purpose of this trial was to examine if probiotics given to pregnant women in a non-selected population could prevent […]

Acupuncture Triggers Natural Pain Killers

There are many possibilities as to why acupuncture is so effective for many pain conditions.  No doubt it isn’t just one or two mechanisms at work but several that may be different depending on the individual.    A recent article found that adenosine which is a pain receptor modulator is expressed during acupuncture.      This study was […]