Why Acid Reflux Medication May Be Harmful

Acid reflux is a disorder often dealt with symptomatically by giving acid blocking medication. However they do not always relieve the issue and long term use of these drugs (more than 6 months) can have deleterious effects on our health. They can cause mineral deficiencies leading to osteoporosis and decreased digestion of proteins thereby causing a vitamin B12 deficiency. They can also cause an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut. Sometimes what is diagnosed as GERD is actually a histamine intolerance. [More…] This can often be when someone gets pain in the esophagus immediately after eating a certain food. What is happening is that a person has a loss of oral tolerance for a certain food triggering an immune response and a release of histamines. This is felt as burning in the chest and often mistaken for GERD.
Also acid reflux can often easily be controlled with acupuncture or herbs. Chinese Medicine is wonderful for dealing with gastrointestinal issues such as GERD.

However another reason not to use the class of acid reflux medication known as Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) for long term is that the FDA just stated that they can cause magnesium deficiencies. Alternative practitioners and holistic MDs have been saying this for a while, but it isn’t just magnesium as it can be any mineral. Magneisum is needed for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, therefore the use of these drugs can have far reaching health effects.

If you are prescribed acid reflux medication I urge you to look at the cause of it and try to heal it through diet, acupuncture or herbs. The acid reflux isn’t the real problem, it is just a warning light. We don’t cover the warning light when it comes on in our car as we take it to a mechanic. So why would you cover the warning light by taking GERD medication? (Unless you had irritation that could be cancerous, but still you need to correct the underlying imbalance.)

Yours In Health,

George Mandler

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.

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