ACMOS Therapy

Analysis of the CompatACMOS Therapyibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy (ACMOS)

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Both traditional and scientific, oriental and western, the Acmos Method created by Doctor René Naccachian will be acclaimed, without doubt, in the next century, as a method that contributed to the evolution of medicine.

By developing the findings of quanta science and biophysics, molecular biology and adapting them to the needs of a new energetic medicine, Doctor René Naccachian, fundamentally inspired by oriental traditional medicine, has devised a method of diagnosis and therapy which certainly is revolutionary.

It all started 30 years ago with an accident to one of his knees. Western medicine judged the case hopeless. During one of his trips to the Far-East, he was treated by a Chinese acupuncture professor. The result : Not only did he save his knee but he restarted playing tennis one of his hobbies and was able to be classified in tournaments.

Being a scientist, he wanted to understand what happened to him, and undertook studies in Chinese and Energetic Medicine, philosophy, science and molecular biology. This enabled him to research the various avenues of human energetics. And because of his past engineering qualification in measurement instruments, he decided to dedicate himself to the scientific evaluation of human energy.

Certain traditional Chinese therapeutic proposals were discarded each time they did not confirm their universal application. Then, to balance human energy, he experimented stimulation at different energy levels with high-tech electronic devices, the range of ACMODERMIL and QuantAcmos Detectors/Stimulators was thus developed reproducing human vibratory impulses to restore energy circulation at all levels. The purpose being to achieve global energy balance confirmed by the Acmos measurement instruments.

The ACMOS Quantum Method was born !

The meaning of ACMOS

Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy” is one the “Matter” acronym of Acmos and “Accord du Corps Matière avec les Ondes Suprasensible” is the French “Energetic” acronym meaning “Tuning of the matter body with the suprasensible centripetal waves managing the Resources” . In fact, the aim of Naccachian’s method is not only to restore the energy circulation in the organic circuits of the body but also to analyse and restore the harmony (compatibility) of the human in his medication, nutrition and environment.

Many doctors are tempted to prescribe many medicines so as to cover all possible avenues of a pathology. However, each time one medicine is added to a prescription, the incompatibility probability is increased by more than 50%. Instead of healing the patient, these medicines cause a disorder because their opposition. It is for this reason that it is necessary to verify by the Acmos Method the energetic compatibility between the patient and each medicine which could respond to his case. Compatibility is thus rendered made possible as the choice of the treatment, the dosage of each medicine and its time of application is scientifically evaluated.

Environmental tensions can also upset the human balance. The electromagnetic emissions of a desk lamp fo instance can be pathogenic. The human cells which are exposed to the lamp instead of organising their natural regeneration, will start protecting themselves against the electric pollution and in less than one hour after exposure, tiredness will be felt with possible headache, nausea … So why not be able to measure the electrical emissions of household appliances and office equipment, evaluate their disturbing effects and protect ourselves from this common kind of pollution? Here again, a special pollution detector the ACMORAY@ was developed to identify environmental emissions in order to avoid them or find an Acmos solution to neutralise their pathogenic effect.

The preventive aim of the Acmos Method

The aim of the Acmos Method is to re-establish the energetic qualities which the body has inhibited causing it to become unable to face its daily self-organisation.

The major causes of its incapacity are :

  • Excessive internal tensions caused by mental, emotional and physical problems.
  • Seasonal tensions.
  • Environmental pathogenic aggressions.
  • Incompatible of the medical treatment with the disorder or badly dosage and time of application.

The preventive actions of the Acmos Method in each case are :

  • The Global balance is the basis to enhance capacity to manage internal tensions.
  • The identification of seasonal regulators enables resistance to adverse seasonal tensions.
  • The identification and location of environmental pollution to avoid or neutralise it.
  • The Acmosmethod also proposes to the practitioner ways and means to personalise the treatment and to better target the lesion with the right quantity of medication and during the exact time of application. Thus maximum effect is attained during minimum time of medication.

As an energetic blockage is an accumulation of dead or degenerated cells that the body cannot eliminate, Acmos prevention is to restore full vital energy flow in all parts of the body.

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