Acupuncture For Dysmenorrhea

I always tell my patients that Chinese Medicine has a lot more to offer than allopathic medicine for the treatment of many gynecological issues. I feel that most cases of menstrual irregularities can be succesfully treated with Chinese Medicine and there is 2000 years of clinical data to back it up.

Whether it is amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation is more than six months) oligomenorrhea (rare or scanty menses, the interval between which is more than 35 days), dysmenorrhea (painful menses), menorrhagia (excessively heavy menstrual bleeding), polymenorrhea (frequent menses, with a short interval of less than 25 days), or infertility Chinese Medicine can offer acupuncture and proven herbal formulas for menstrual health restoration.

Even though Chinese medicine can be used for the more serious conditions (ruptured cysts, tumors, large fibroids etc etc) Western medicine and often surgical intervention is much more appropriate and necessary. However there is no reason for a teenage girl to be put on birth control to regulate her cycle. No no no. Look to Chinese Medicine in these cases!

There was a study just released looking at only acupuncture for the treatment of dysmenorrhea. There were three groups of 20: A) A group that received acupuncture before the pre-menstrual pain began B) A group that received treatment when the pain started C) A control group that did nothing.

The group that received acupuncture before pre-menstrual pain began had significantly more relief than the other two groups. This makes sense as we know that it is easier to control pain if we start treating before it starts. Once pain starts it is much harder to treat.

It is amazing to see the clinical results how just acupuncture can normalize a menstrual cycle. Using herbal medicine and diet only helps improve the condition quicker. If you know of anyone that is having menstrual challenges please inform them about the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Yours In Health,
George Mandler
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Dietitian
Certified Chinese Herbalist

Chin J Integr Med. 2011 Mar;17(3):224-7. Epub 2011 Feb 27.
Clinical study on the treatment of primary pyorrhea with preconditioning acupuncture.

Bu YQ, Du GZ, Chen SZ.

Shandong Academy of Chinese Medicine, Jinan, 250014, China.

OBJECTIVE: To observe the therapeutic effect of preconditioning acupuncture (PA) on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.

METHODS: Eighty patients suffered from primary dysmenorrhea were randomly assigned on the ratio of 1:1:2 into three groups, 20 in Group A, 20 in Group B, and 40 in Group C. Group A and B were treated with PA and immediate acupuncture (IA), respectively, while Group C received no acupuncture treatment and be taken as a blank control. The treatment was lasted for three menstrual cycles. The therapeutic effects were observed and compared.

RESULTS: Comparing the scores of the symptoms in the different groups, the therapeutic effect in different groups showed that the symptom scores in Group A at the second and third cycle of treatment, as well as at the first and third cycle of follow-up, were significantly lower than the scores in Group B, respectively (P<0.05 or P<0.01), and the duration of symptoms was shorter in Group A than in Group B at the third cycle of treatment and the first and third cycle of follow-up (P<0.05). Symptom scores in Groups A and B in the treatment and follow-up periods were all lowered as compared to those before treatment (P<0.01), and the scores were also lower than those in Group C measured at corresponding times (P<0.01).

CONCLUSION: The therapeutic effect of PA, either the short-term or the long-term effect, was superior to that of IA in treating dysmenorrhea.

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