Psychosomatic Energetics

What is Psychosomatic Energetics (REBA testing)?

This process of assessment represents a new approach to healing and illness based on the ancient science of the Ayurvedic Chakra system (autonomic segments as referred to in European Medicine). And more recent work by Anthropologist Dr. Rudolph Steiner. Sr. Reimar Banis, a medical doctor and Naturopath from West Berlin developed a clinical assessment tool called the Reba device, a polyfrequency spectrum testing device that can identify energy blockages, emotional conflicts and geopathic stress that disrupts our well being. The Reba device measures four subtle levels of our physiology through brain-wave frequency. These four levels are: The physical body (life energy, vitality) which correlates to Theta brain waves. The Emotional body (emotions and mood) which correlates to the Theta brain waves. The Mental body (consciousness, feeling of self and seat of memory) which correlates with the Alpha brain waves. And the Causal body (deep subconscious and intuition) which correlates to the Beta brain waves. The test device emits a so-called multi frequency spectrum to the patient/client by means of a pulse (wrist) electrode. This is a non invasive process.

The belief system is that energy blocks cause many chronic conditions. Most important are inner blocks caused by emotional conflicts. The blocked energy flow is often the main cause of disturbed metabolism in a segment or region of the body, which leads to many physical illnesses and complaints. The device is a diagnostic tool that establishes the priority of treatment. The process focuses on one conflict at a time. Most of us have anywhere form 3-7 conflicts to work on. As we unravel the conflicts one at a time which can take up to a year and a half especially if you are 40 +, one experiences a profound transformation in addition to a reduction if not elimination of chronic complaints and illnesses.

Once diagnosed by the Reba device specific homeopathic remedies are given to rid us of these conflicts. These protocols are very easy to follow and over the course of treatment many people experience the elimination of many physical and emotional symptoms. This process is non content driven, in other words there is no dwelling over the conflict as is done is typical psychotherapy.

Emotional conditions are often the root cause of physical illness.

The concepts behind the use of the high potency remedies used to treat psychosomatic conflicts:

There is a term in physics called “rogue frequency”

Chavita Remedies are high potency remedies that mimic the proper frequency of which a correct functioning autonomic segment resonates at. Thus correcting the spin of the autonomic segment. There are 7 of these segments and all have profound ability to dictate proper physiological function.

Emvita remedies are also high potency homeopathic remedies that carry the same resonance of an emotional conflict. When one has an active conflict one radiates a certain frequency. Take the angry guy yelling at someone on the street. He is emitting a certain frequency when he is in that state. If you were close by you would feel it. The same as when someone is sad or scared, you feel it. All those feelings exude a different frequency. The Emvita remedies are like a tuning fork in resonance, each one suitable to the resonance of an emotional conflict. There are 28 conflicts, each having their own resonance and each one is attracted to a certain autonomic segment, the longer a conflict resides in your body the more symptoms one will experience. The Emvita remedies attract and then absorb the wrong oscillations the conflict has induced, thus riding the body of them and allowing our bodies to return to normal, especially when the spin of the autonomic segment is corrected by the Chavita remedies.

Over time one experiences a consciousness shift. All of a sudden things that used to cause you stress don’t anymore. The consciousness shift allows one to experience emotions instead of becoming them. We call this understanding without emotions. Once we have the ability to not “ BE OUR EMOTIONS”, to recognize emotions are a result of our experiences and are energies in themselves that are meant to flow through us, not be controlled, suppressed or held on to, then we can obtain the higher levels human potential. The Reba work can get us here.

The Mental body (left brain dominance) is considered the Great Barrier that causes distraction and disconnection to our higher form. This is the seat of desire, ego, memory and emotions. This is where we are our emotions. This is where most disease starts. Whatever our experience, if we choose to take it personal, attach to it, try to control it (which is all left brain behavior) we become the emotion. This means that the experience attaches to us, lingers in connective tissue, the matrix of cells, and eventually disrupts the feedback system of the higher subtle bodies to the Chakras. High potency Homeopathy can work here. Reba works here. And this is the focus of psychology.

Going through this process and eliminating the source of autonomic dysfunction eliminates the need for many costly physical treatments, meds and supplements.

What is Biological Medicine?

The foundations of Isopathic Medicine lie in the research of Dr. Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968), who studied the behavior of viruses and bacteria, and published his findings in 1925 in his work “Bacteria Cyclogeny” in Berlin.

Dr. Enderlein discovered that microorganisms occur in diverse developmental stages and can undergo variation in form without losing their specific functions. When their environment is changed (temperature, nutrients availability, acid/alkaline balance, stress etc.) microorganisms change from their non-pathogenic, tiny non-mobile, virus-like stage into pathogenic stages of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Dr. Enderlein used this discovery to develop homeopathy-like remedies to treat stages of disease. They are known as Pleomorphic remedies.

In using these pleomorphic/homeopathic remedies, a disease process is gradually being “unraveled” as the bacteria or fungus is lead back to its non-active, non-pathogenic stage. Largely free of side effects and toxins, this form of healing is one of the most comprehensive and integrative types of alternative medicine. Practiced in Europe, foremost in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, Biological medicine embraces the science of Pleomorphism, Ayurveda, Anthroposophic, homeopathic and Chinese Medicine. Leading to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


What is Homotoxicology?

In 1952 The German physician Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg formulated Homotoxicology. This practice was developed from homeopathy for the purpose of providing a holistic perspective on the synthesis of medical science. The base philosophy is as follows.

According to Homotoxicology all of those processes, syndromes, and manifestations, which we designate as diseases, are the expression thereof that the body is combating poisons and that it wants to neutralize and excrete these poisons. The body either wins or loses the fight thereby. Those processes, which we designate as diseases, are always biological, that is natural teleological processes, which serve poison defense and detoxification.”

Homotoxicology much like Ayurveda looks at the body’s unwell ness state at six levels:

  1. Excretion phase
  2. Accumulation phase
  3. Reaction/Inflammation phase
  4. Exacerbation/Provocation phase
  5. Deposition phase
  6. Overflow or Neoplastic phase

Heel anti homotoxic Remedies are subtle excretion homeopathic formulations. Used to lower the burden of toxicity and improve function of a specific organ or system that is burdened by activating defense mechanisms.

What is Physiological Regulating Medicine?

Complex Homeopathic remedies that aid in correcting many physiological systems using homeopathic potencies of nutrients, botanical, animal, minerals, hormones, citokines etc.

In order to slow down and/or potentially halt the disease process you must look at several factors:

  • Like increases like
  • Deep seated emotions (undigested)
  • Trauma (injury, surgery)
  • Genetic weakness (cellular memory of parents weakness)
  • Bad relationship, bad communication
  • Stress/pollution
  • Overeating, under eating or wrong eating (check level of AMA)
  • Foci, underlying infections
  • Is the disease stronger then the patient or is the patient stronger then the disease.

All of these modalities fit very nicely with the Ayurvedic Sciences and Philosophy.

Dr. Reynolds has been in practice for over 20 years and currently practices out of Stow,MA And West Harwich, Ma. She holds a doctorate degree in Nutritional Science specializing in Nutritional Biochemistry, holds Diplomat status in Ayurvedic Medicine and is a certified energy therapist.