Order Supplements

Patients can order professional supplements at 15% off retail by clicking this link to create an account through Emerson Ecologics.

The steps for setting up an account are:

  1. In the box for “Patient Access Code” please put in the word ‘health’.
  2. Select the button ‘I need to create an account’
  3. Select the button “I am a patient who has never ordered from Emerson before.”
  4. Fill in the form.
  5. Then it should take you to a page to order products.

Shipping:Emerson charges $8.75 for shipping orders under $250 and free shipping for orders $250 and over. If you are in Massachusetts and place your order before 6:30pm, you will receive it in 2 business days.

If you order items that need to be refrigerated Emerson will default to overnight shipping upon checkout. This can be very expensive and for the majority of products unnecessary. I suggest setting it to standard shipping. However do not order refrigerated products on a Thursday or Friday or during very hot weather.