Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D During Pregnancy Can Lead to Language Development Issues

(From HealthDay News) — Pregnant women with low levels of vitamin D may be putting their children at risk for language difficulties, Australian researchers report. Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy may relieve the problem, they suggest. “Adequate vitamin D levels among pregnant women may be important for the optimal […]

Lots of Colds This Winter? Then Check Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D was named the “Vitamin of the year” a couple of years ago by the nutrition journals.  There are new articles coming out every month about the impact this vitamin/hormone and its amazing amount of physiological functions.  There have been several studies that show Vitamin D’s role in modulating […]

Fortification of Vitamin D Well Above Normal Level Proves Beneficial

There is an increasing awareness how a large percentage of the population is vitamin D deficient and the ill health effects caused by inadequate Vitamin D levels. If someones blood work comes back as below 30ng/ml I usually dose them with at least 10,000IU/day for 3 weeks then cut down […]

Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Support Offspring Immunity

The news has been loaded with a plethora of articles touting the benefits of vitamin D reported in nutrition journals. Based on research of the past few years it appears that Vitamin D plays a large role in regulating the immune system. Most recently the American Academy of Pediatrics have […]