Chinese Medicine is a complete health-care system that can treat a wide range of ailments, but is also a powerful adjunct to modern medicine. Many people use it as their first line of preventative care in addition to conventional medicine to stay healthy while some come to us for solutions where conventional treatments fail.

Integrative Wellness offers several Asian healing art therapies combined with functional nutrition to manage a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. The focus of our practice is in Digestive Wellness, fatigue and Maternal Care. Besides our specialties we also treat a variety of other issues such as pain management, injuries, and GYN disorders.

All of our treatments are patient centered and based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of care to make you feel better as quickly as possible.
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Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles in specific points that are known to affect seemingly unrelated areas of the body. The needles rarely cause pain and most often patients do not know they have been inserted. Acupuncture is excellent at treating a wide range of conditions and diseases. Read more here…

Functional Nutrition

Poor dietary choices are one of the leading causes of modern diseases. Unfortunately we are so overloaded with conflicting dietary advice from the media that many are left confused. It is impossible to know what is best when one study says that meat causes cancer, another says that carbohydrates cause obesity and yet another study states that we need to limit our fat intake.  We also hear that vitamins do no good, then the following month we are told that vitamins prevent disease. How can there be so much conflicting information?

It’s difficult to even know what to eat, let alone what diet will best suit your personal needs. We will help you make proper dietary and supplement choices that are right for your body and will help you sort out what works best for you. Nutrition is individualized, and there is no one right diet or supplement that works for everybody. Almost all diseases can be helped by proper nutrition as food plays a major role in turning on and off certain genes. Read more here…


Shiatsu is a form of bodywork from Japan which is based on acupuncture and which uses the highly skilled practitioner’s hands rather than needles to stimulate energy flow in the body. Shiatsu can treat a wide range of conditions similar to those treatable by acupuncture.  Also, they are very relaxing.  Read more here…

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an incredibly sophisticated system that predates acupuncture and has evolved over the past few thousand years. It is a powerful medicine that can treat a wide variety of symptoms and complaints where very specific combination of herbs are carefully prescribed to match an individual’s needs. Only the highest quality herbs are used and they additionally tested for contaminants. Read more here…