Vata Season – Air and Ether

Vata – is composed of air/ether is responsible for all energy and movement in the body. Catabolism. The heat principle of Pitta and the heavy principle of Kapha cannot do anything without the force of Vata.

Vata is considered nuclear energy, vibration, and is associated with sense of hearing, responsible for the breath, governs the hollow organs, abdomen and thorax. Air = electrical energy (the electron moves because of the air element), pulsations of the heart, movement of the muscles, contraction of the heart, breathing, movement through the intestines and is responsible for elimination. The flow of thought and desire are derived from Vata. The air and ether element of Vata gives us freedom, peace, and expansion of consciousness and is responsible for love and compassion, but when out of balance it will create feelings of separation, isolation, emptiness, insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

Vata imbalances will show up as Fear, insomnia, insecurity, anxiety, sciatica, arthritis, loss of memory, emaciation, breathlessness, tremors hyperactivity, restlessness, many forms of digestive disorders especially constipation and abdominal distention.

Vata is intimately related to our vital life force, the play of intelligence, and the communication between the cells

  • This season use Sesame oil or Vata Massage oil by Banyan for topical application before shower, and do your feet and scalp before bed to decrease anxiety. Plan of life, consistency is vital for keeping Vata in balance. Keep on a schedule and consider some restorative Yoga and Meditation.
  • Keep your digestive energy good by making a tea out of a combination of Fennel, cumin and coriander seeds. Add 2 tsp. of these seeds to a cup of water, bring to a boil and let steep while you eat your meal. Sip on this after you are done eating.
  • Use Ghee as your major source of oil. One to two teas per meal will stimulate digestion. Only eat when hungry.
  • Ice and iced drinks can decrease digestive secretion and cause undigested food (ama) in the body, this causes a multitude of problems. Drink things at room temperature or hot as teas. And start having soups, Kichadee and stews for meals.
  • If sleep is a problem consider taking relaxing herbal teas before bed these help to balance the central nervous system thus help improve sleep. Chamomile, Gotu Kola, Jatamansi, Hops, Valerian, Passion Flower are some of the many herbs used to quiet the mind. Nutritional elements that can be beneficial are Magnesium, and warm goat, 2% Cow’s milk or Almond milk with Cardamom before bed to relax the mind. Use Lavender essential oils on your feet. The homeopathic cell salt “Kali Phos” can also be helpful.

Focus on Restorative foods and herbs such as Adaptogens, which include American Ginseng, Astragalus, Suma, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Punarnava, and Tulsi. Rasayanas which is an Ayurvedic term referring to Adaptogenic herbs, restorative herbs and herbal compounds that are mixed with ghee, honey, date or figs, sucanat sugar or rice syrup.

Don’t forget tongue scraping and oilation–  the tongue is the vital organ of speech and it is how we perceive taste. The tongue reveals the totality of what is happening throughout the body. Tongue scraping first thing in the morning and at the end of the day stimulates the 900 different taste buds and the organs of digestion, it also eliminates the bacteria that can accumulate.

Another healthy practice for oral hygiene is to massage the gums with sesame oil. After you do this swish some sesame oil and rub it into the gums, spit out when done and rinse out mouth with a natural mouthwash. This helps to remove toxins from the mouth and is anti inflammatory to the gums.

Nasaya Oil– The nose is the door to the brain and to consciousness. Nasaya (application of oil in nasal passages) helps correct disorders of prana (life force through breath) affecting high cerebral, sensory and motor functions. You can use plain sesame oil or Traditional Nasaya oil (my favorite is the one from the Ayurvedic Institute which we have at the office if you need some), this contains Gota kola, Calamus and Skullcap in a base of olive oil and sesame oil. Lie back and put 4 drops in each nostril once or twice a day, morning and afternoon or early evening is best. This will aid in clearing the dried up mucous that accumulates during the winter and is a great preventative for sinus related problems, ear infections, headaches and eye problems.

 Nedi Pot – gentle cleansing of the nasal passages.

Vata Digest by Banyan – This combination relieves excess bowel gas and should be taken with meals.

Avipatikar – This is a traditional Ayurvedic digestive formula specifically for the first phase of digestion. If you feel discomfort within the first hour after eating chances are this formula would be very helpful. One half tsp in warm water after meals.

Triphala – This is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic formulas and one of the safest. It is safe for all body types and is used for detoxification of the entire GI tract, maintaining regularity, supports weight management, improves complexion and strengthens urinary tract.

Castor oil– Castor oil is one of the most healing of oils both topically and used occasionally internally. It has the potential of relieving any inflammatory condition when used as a castor oil pack. Soak a cotton cloth in castor oil and place on the area that needs relief, put a hot towel over the cloth and a heating pad. Do this for 15 to 20 min. do not purchase castor oil from the pharmacy.

Start you day with a hot cup of Cheltic Salt (1/4 tsp.), Local Honey (1 tsp)and Lemon juice (1/2 a lemon). To say the least this combination will help cleanse the gut and stimulate digestion.

Eat your largest meal at lunch time with a warm cup of digestive tea. Digestive tea is an equal combination of Cumin, Coriander and Fennel seeds. Add 1 heaping tsp per cup of water, bring to a boil, steep, strain then drink. Always make this up fresh.

Do not consume heavy foods at night time especially dairy. Digestive fire is low in the evening and ones ability to digest this mucus forming food is decreased.

Break out the Ginger tea to support circulation and digestion.



Flu Season is here again.

The flu season has decided to show its ugly face earlier this year. So break out the Guna Flu and use this as a preventative.

Dosing for prevention is: 1 vial per week for those 100 lbs or over. (½ vial for those that are under 100 lbs but over 60 lbs. 1/3 vial for those that are 15-59 lbs. ½ vial for infants – 15 pounds)

If one starts to feel the onset of Flu symptoms it is very important to start dosing of Guna Flu at that time. The standard Acute dose for adults is 1 vial three times a day for 3 days (if it has not worked by then it may not). The problem may be Bacterial instead of Viral.

To support Guna Flu and potential secondary Bacterial infections I also suggest Pleo NOT. This is a Biological preparation specifically called Penicillium Chrysogenum (not to be confused with Penicillin). This remedy is used for all types of infections especially staph, strep, Sore throat, UTI’s and all bacterial infections. Adult Acute dosing for Pleo NOT is 1 tablet three times a day with your Guna Flu and hopefully within the first three days you will be back to normal (Pleo NOT has to be purchased through my office). Both of these remedies are dissolved under tongue and should be taken away from food.


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