Why You Should Eat Organic Foods During Pregnancy

Given all the research about pesticide dangers and diseases it has been attributed to such as Parkinson’s it  still amazes me that foods grown with chemicals still make up the vast majority of foods consumed. This is probably largely due to the fact that  chemical companies have a ton of money and political lobbyists.   The vast majority of commercial farmers only know the way of the past 60 years and are of the false belief that organic farming is out of their reach.     Not only are we exposed to pesticides from foods, but also those nice green lawns.  Across the street my neighbors lawn green lawn has those little yellow “Pesticide application warning” flags after a “lawn care” company came by.  My son is certainly not going to play on his lawn.   Given all the dangers of pesticides I wonder how the message can get through to people.

It has been shown for years that pesticides effect children’s health. A recent study showed that the new class of pesticides called pyrethroid (supposedly safer) negatively affects neurological development of toddlers at 3 years. And a couple of months ago a study showed that certain pesticides are anti-androgenic and may delay or inhibit a boys development during puberty.

Just this week 3 new studies came out that looked at the effect of pesticides on children IQ while they were in utero.

In addition also released this week was a study that concluded Russian boys exposed to dioxins pre-puberty showed a delay in puberty and testicular maturation.

So what does this tell us?   For one if you are pregnant or want to get pregnant you should be eating organic food.   The evidence is clear that government supported big agro business is not good for children’s growth and development.   These recent studies only looked at intellectual development and not the more challenging issues such as cancers which are also most likely due to pesticides.

Can someone please give me an answer as to why one would want to eat non-organic food during pregnancy?   (The only people I can think that can would be ones in poverty and relying on subsidies for food.)  You get what you pay for and  the evidence that organic food is superior is clear.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler LDN LicAc

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