With Psoriasis You Need to Look at Digestion

There is a saying ‘that it is only skin deep’.   But really the skin is very often a reflection of digestive health.   In Chinese Medicine the skin is a reflection of the Lungs organ system and the Lungs are paired with the Large Intestine organ system.   For example asthmatic reactions are  often precipitated by ingestion of food allergens.    When dealing with something like psoriasis it can often be helped by using nutraceuticals (i.e. adding fish oils to reduce inflammation or taking Vitamin D to support immune/inflammatory response) or changes in diet (such as a gluten free diet).  The etiology of psoriasis is different for every body, however addressing nutritional imbalances thereby improving gut function, or changing diet and improving gut function can help reduce the itchy flaky skin.

There was just a recent research article out of UConn that reviewed previous articles on nutrition and psoriasis. It showed the potential positive effects of various nutraceuticals and the negative effects of alcohol.   Many of these supplements work because they improve the gut health and thereby reduce inflammation.   So if you have psoriasis and you also have digestive issues (gas, bloating, constipation etc) think about getting your gut healthy as it will most likely help clear your skin.

Yours In Health,

George Mandler CNS LDN LicAc

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